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Social urgency

By showing what other customers bought, your store will get a busy feel. This is the social urgency that non-buyers need in order to convert to buyers.

What is social urgency?

Social urgency is a term describing how people will react in ambiguous situations. If they are unsure of how to behave, they will look to others to mimic their behaviour. For example: If someone sees two restaurants, one full and one empty, they will most likely opt for the full one, because they can see that plenty of others like it.

How is Show recent orders using it?

The app will pop actual orders that occured and thus show other costumers that your store is to be trusted.

Different types of notifications

You can choose to show different notifications. This comes in handy when you are just starting with your store and don't have many orders.

Custom ads

You can create custom notifications to alert customers about a discount that is currently live, a product which is back in stock or anything else.

Cart notifications

Cart notifications will show whenever somebody adds something to their cart. So even if you don't have any orders, cart notifications will make your store look busy and create another social urgency element.

No coding needed

You don't need any programming knowledge to install and use the app, it's so easy!

One-click installation

This app is suitable for all people, with or without programming knowledge.


Can't fault this app - it's great. I'm using it to add social urgency to my new store and it seems to be working a treat :)

Great app, boosted sales on installation. Will try some of the other features soon. Would recommend for any ecommerce user

This app is amazing. It makes you as competitive as many of the larger online retailers. Easy to install and east to set the parameters!! One of the best Shopify apps I have used. Definitely recommend to other owners.

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